Random chunks from Matt's life.

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What do I do? Well..... Lot of different things...


Here's my company, Subatomic Digital, Inc.
We master DVD's , Design Graphics and Animations, print huge images, edit video, make museum exhibits, and all kinds of fun stuff.

Some Audio Stuff I've done for fun:
(sometimes heard on Shirley and Spinoza Internet Radio)

Kung Fu Vs. Black Hole (Thank you Dr. Tyson!)
Jimmy ( made from a strange reel to reel tape I got at a garage sale and a few other things)
A small pill ( just messing around)

1/1/2007: I'm a Dad! Woah! Okay! Cool!
Sarah and I are very happy (and tired)

The Newscast from the day our son Archer was born.
Link to The Baby Universe ( and other fun personal stuff)
November 2007 : More Archer!


The Chunx Art Van  - Currently  entitled "Department of Entropy"
Department of Entropy (an ongoing living art installation)
I built a spoof truck. Its an official department of Entropy van. I've since released it into the wild, allowing it to wind it's way through reality, causing people wto ask "what's entropy?"
Last I checked, it's in West Virginia.


What color would you paint a w111 1961 220s?
I made some test renders with a 3d model to try and make a descision about it.

Here's how it came out!

Some Artwork

The Anombulance ( Formerly a studio in wheels )
Another special spooftruck, this former ambulance was a studio on wheels. A good friend recently commssioned it as the anombulance- a Fortean Remote viewing vehicle.

Pictures | More Pictures | Even more pictures.


Arcade Games

I've been collecting buying and selling arcade games and jukeboxes again lately.. here are a few pictures , and a few more. oh, and more

Here's a little Cabinet Project I've been working on. I'm playing with printing my own artwork, laminating it and atttaching it to an older cab.

Mercedes Benz Stuff

Yes, I'm a card-carrying mercedes freak!
Here are some pics of a silly little limo I had. I'ts kinda cute.
Some pics of my 1980 450sel 6.9

Pictures of my 1967 250sec before I picked 'er up

M y '62 and '63 Cadillacs. Yep, I like old Caddies too!

More random pictures from life in general

I was bored one day, so I customized a bunch of IBM J2 Model M keyboards.

glimpse into a surplus airplane seat expedition
Want some nice airline seats for your home theatre? get in touch!

This is an old picture- a testiment to the toughness of the Kyocera 6035 smartphone.
I accidentally dropped this phone into the engine compartment of my '69 lincoln continental. It landed on the exhaust manifold, and melted a bit.
The phone lived on for quite a while after that!

A Snap-on truck you say? Why yes, I had one of those. It was a kick ass arcade game hauler and mobile workshop! hooray for liftgates.



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